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Seong-Ae Yuk, Sophie - M.Div.
ID AIGS Date 2018-05-01 15:03:13
Title Seong-Ae Yuk, Sophie - M.Div.


1.What's your name?
Seong-Ae Yuk, Sophie

2. What's your nationality?
South Korea

3. What course are you studying in Acts?

4. Why are you studying Theology?
To get good theological basis of family counseling which is my vision.

5. Why did you choose this school("ACTS")? 
There were so many chances to see how great professors of ACTS are here when I was undergraduate school in ACTS. Since I took only one class of Theology back then, all of classes would be my first time to experience. Moreover, all classes are based on evangelical teaching. 

6. How is your life in "ACTS"?
Very good. I like people in my same degree course, professors, and learning Bible. Very happy.

7. What's is your vision ?
As I mentioned above, my vision is about family counseling. I don't know whether I am going to teach it or counsel, but because God gave me enthusiasm only on that matter, I want to devote my life into it.
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