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  • Dormitory


    The ACTS dormitory accommodates 270 students. It reflects the very nature of ACTS mission, where the international community cohabites together with the following emphases:
    1. Growth and Development in Faith
    2. Christian Character Development in a Community Living
    3. Servanthood and Sharing
    4. Missional Leadership
    5. Vision Discovery in God

    Terms, Regulations, Deposits, & Dining

    1. AIGS students must abide by the ACTS Dormitory Regulations. Penalties from disciplinary measure to expulsion may be imposed to those who violate the regulations.
    2. Dormitory living is a privilege to AIGS students with full time enrollment. He/she can live one more semester if semester extension petition that states the purpose of writing thesis is approved.
    3. The period for dormitory living shall begin with the first day of each semester and terminate at the end of the semester. New students are given five working days prior to the first day of each semester.
    4. Poor chapel attendance may result in “flagged”. Privilege to live in the dormitory will be revoked.
    5. No re-admission to the dormitory once voluntary withdrawal.
    6. Married students with families in Korea are not allowed to live in the dormitory.

    Housing Fees and Meals

    1. Housing fee and meals are free only for AIGS dormitory residents or full-time AIGS students within a given academic residency period specified in the catalog.
    2. Any length of time over which you wish to stay is subject to daily charge (₩7,000 per night).
    3. Commuting AIGS students who spent more than a given academic residency period specified in the catalog must purchase a ₩3,000 ticket for each meal from vending machine.

    Check-in, Check-out

    1. Check-in: Dormitory provides a set of bunk bed and desk, private closet with key (for which each resident should pay refundable security deposit ₩10,000), chair with ACTS tag number, and multi-tap. But you have to bring blanket, pillow, and lampstand. You are asked, before check-in, to apply for the dormitory living to ensure all these processes.
    2. Check-out: Your room and bunk bed, desk, closet must be emptied and clean. Closet key and any rental items must be returned in good condition. Get refunded for your deposit. For security reason, we change door passcode anytime if anyone is leaving.
    3. Each room has an internet router for which each resident should pay damage/loss (refundable) deposit ₩5,000.

    Dormitory Student Body

    Your student governing body will collect dormitory social activity fee ₩20,000 per semester
  • Spiritual Practicum

    Spiritual Practicum and Weekend Ministry

    Students have to attend the chapel meetings to earn a credit for Spiritual Practicum as part of requirements for graduation.
    1. Morning Chapels Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri 06:20 AM
    2. School Chapels Tue (Korean) and Thu (English) 11:50 AM
    1. Dormitory residents (AIGS/KESA M.Div., Th.M., Th.M+Ph.D., and Ph.D.) must attend at least 80% of total chapel meetings.
    2. ommuters in M.Div. program must attend at least 80% of Tue and Thu worship services.
    3. Commuters who have M.Div. degree or above (i.e., Th.M., Th.M+Ph.D., and Ph.D.) must attend at least 60% of Tue and Thu worship services.

    All AIGS students are encouraged to be active in Weekend Ministry. You may attend Sunday worship service regularly. You may serve as a pastor for youth, college, or workers in a church or a mission organization. In any case you have to update your ministry, do it through AIGS homepage to Chaplain’s Office.
  • Covenant of Community Life

    Covenant of Community Life and Honor System

     “You will be for me a kingdom priests and a holy nation.” (Exod. 19:6)

    “Speak to the entire assembly Israel and say to them: Be holy because I, the Lord your God, am holy.” (Lev 19:2)

    “But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.” (1Pet 2:9)

    ACTS is an international school with a rich heritage of service as a Christian educational institution in the evangelical tradition. As such we encourage students to willingly conform to the standards of conduct that is compatible with what the Bible sets out.

    AIGS students are encouraged to live on things that are “true, noble, right, pure, lovely and honorable.” (Phil 4:8)

    Actions such as drunkenness, profane language, cult involvement, cheating, plagiarism, pornography, breaking of the biblical marital principles and sexual relationships, and any other acts that disgrace the Christian community will be subject to counseling and disciplinary action.

    For instance, according to AIGS Academic Regulations, the student who is caught cheating or plagiarizing will be subject to disciplinary action for the first instance and expulsion for the second instance. Thus, students are asked to affirm the following statement as the AIGS Honor System for all examinations and any individual and group papers and may be asked to sign this pledge on the cover or first page of examinations:

    “I pledge my honor that I have neither given nor received any assistance – verbal, written, or electronic – on this examination beyond that specifically permitted by the instructor in charge.”

    Students are asked to write out and to sign this pledge at the end of every paper:

    “I understand and have not violated the AIGS/ACTS’s position on plagiarism.”
    The AIGS covenant of community life is set not for the sake of punishment, but to encourage students to mature in the fullness of Christ in our vision to minister the body of Christ as the light and salt of the world.
  • Fellowship


    The AIGS community promotes outings, dining, food festivals, church visits, and spiritual retreats which help its members draw closer to God with other members of the ACTS community. Every student is encouraged to share both his and her personal, communal, and global concerns so that the entire AIGS body can edify its members for one another.