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Direction to Campus

You have to arrive on our campus by yourself which might be the very first challenging task for you here in Korea. Our campus is located in the eastern part of Seoul, and it takes roughly 3 hours by train from the Incheon Airport. You will not miss it if you check carefully the following directions.

From the Airport :

The subway station (Airport Railway Line) is connected to the airport. Get an English subway map available at the information desk. Take any train that departs from the terminal. You will have to travel for about an hour run then get off at the Seoul Station.

From the Seoul Station :

Transfer to subway No 1 from the Seoul Station bound to the Yongsan. Get off at the Yongsan Station which is only two stations away from the Seoul Station.

From the Seoul Station :

Transfer to Central Line (Joongang-Sun) bound to Yongmun. It takes roughly an hour and half run until the Asin Station. Get off at the Asin Station. Take a taxi at the station. Show the following ACTS Korean name: 아세아연합신학대학교. It will take roughly 5-7 minutes' drive. The driver will charge US$ 3.00 dollars (4 thousand Won).

Total travel cost from Airport to ACTS :

US$ 50 dollars.