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David Kristanto - M.Div.
ID AIGS Date 2018-04-16 08:32:23
Title David Kristanto - M.Div.


1. What's your name?

My name is David Kristanto.

2. What's your nationality?


3. What course are you studying in Acts?

Master of Divinity (1st Year Student).

4. Why are you studying Theology?

There was no special event that moved me to study theology, it was more like I was being more and more enjoy studying the Bible. I felt my life grows significantly through my sincere daily Bible reading and prayer. And God convinced me more and more as time goes on, to study His word and to become a minister of the Word of God.

5. Why did you choose this school("ACTS")? 

The theocentricity of ACTS theology and also the evangelism of Asia as its motto really fascinated me. Besides, I really like reformed theology, and I found ACTS is one the best university in Asia to study reformed theology deeper.

6. How is your life in "ACTS"?

I like the disciplines that ACTS brings me; discipline of prayer, daily bible reading, chapel, reading list, tasks, and everything, it makes me stronger and stronger and better me to manage my life productively. I also have a lot of good friends and a huge spiritual family in ACTS.

7. What is your vision ?

I came to ACTS with one non-negotiable vision: to be a theologian.
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