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Who I am_(Chanmi Lee)
ID 이찬미 Date 2017-08-30 10:41:42
Title Who I am_(Chanmi Lee)


1.What's your name?
- Chanmi Lee (이찬미)

2. What's your nationality?
-South Korea

3. What course are you studying in Acts?
-Master of Divinity degree program in English (2nd year student)

4. Why are you studying Theology?
- I had a thirst for the matured and profound understanding on what I’ve believed since I was young. I want to be independent from my parents’ faith, but dependent personally on God Himself. And I wanted to be a person who is ready to give an answer to people who ask about my faith as Scripture says.

Secondly, the calling drove me here to study Theology. I believe God wants me to be prepared for His work. And surely I’ve been equipped by the grace of God through professors, my fellows, books and through all the situations planned by God to discipline me.

5. Why are you studying Theology in English? (As Korean)
 -English has a great benefit. It lets people access to the broader world as it is the language globally used. So when I came to know that ACTS has a English course, I decided to study here not only to study theology but also to develop my English skill. I think English is one of the important and key skill to be a global communicator.

6. Why did you choose this school("ACTS")? 
- The first time I heard about this school was through a pastor who is one of the ACTS alumni. He introduced me to this school and as he is one of the pastor that I respect, I had a positive image on this school.

When I was seriously considering about my future steps, I did little research on this school. ACTS is a wonderful field to meet and study together with the students from different countries. And ACTS has a well balanced theological position as theocentric and evangelical school. So I decided to come to this school.

7. How is your life in "ACTS"?
- I’ve been disciplined in various aspect. I see myself that have been grown up and chiseled. My life in ACTS is so happy and blessed because of the opportunity that I can study here, servant-hearted professors, encouraging friends. I also had to experience the depression and disappointment mostly because of my weakness, unchiseled characteristics. But still I am thankful because it molded me to be more matured and wiser than before.

8. How is your life in "ACTS" as a member of KESA(Korean English-speaking Students Association)?
- I am thankful that KESA is representing our country “Korea” in this international community. It was good to know and meet my Korean seniors who are serving in and out of Korea. It gives some kind of pride that I am following their steps. And current students are trying to have fellowship together regularly to support each other and pray for each other. It is a great benefit not only to share the same nationality but also our visions, time, and helps.

9. What's your plan after graduation?
- In ACTS, God planted His vision in my heart. I am praying and preparing myself to reach to unreached people. Especially, I’m preparing myself for the people group living in lack of educational opportunity.

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