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ID 홍지철 Date 2017-08-11 18:17:42
Title Jicharl(홍지철)_M.Div.
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1.What's your name?
- Jicharl Hong

2. What's your nationality?
- South Korea

3. What course are you studying in Acts?
- Master of Divinity degree program in English (2nd year student)

4. Why are you studying Theology?
- A couple of years ago, I had never thought to be a seminarian. I made plans to llive as a "lay Chiristian" businessman but one day I got convinced that God called me to be a Message deliverer. I tried to figure out how to actualize the vision and ended up being here. I believe that God has a certain purpose putting me here at ACTS.

5. Why are you studying Theology in English? (As Korean)
 - I have an interest to be a Bible teacher and if God opens a door to teach it abroad, I am willing to join it. I think getting eqquiped with English course would be helpful accordingly. I did not come here considering all I mentioned here but I am getting closer to how God works at ACTS knowing why I am here.

6. Why did you choose this school("ACTS")? 
- It may sound funny but it was really "coincedence". I applied two seminaries proving English program in Korea and I got both accepted. And I drew a lot after praying that "God, You lead the way because I do not know which way is appropriate." I picked one out of the two and it was ACTS. God never makes mistakes. 

7. How is your life in "ACTS"?
- It is not just about sqeezing knowledge into your brain. I got to know how to value communities here. Of course, our academic level is competent and I am satisfied with it but it is more than study. Especially, getting to know and have fellowship with classmates and other students who came from various locations is such a blessing at AIGS.  

8. How is your life in "ACTS" as a member of KESA(Korean English-speaking Students Association)?
- Again, we grow together in the community. Being in the KESA community, we help one another study better and build up strong fellowship. Getting to know our alumni is extra blessing. You will never regret. Come join us.

9. What's your plan after graduation?
- What future holds is really up to our Lord. My plan lies in being a missionary teaching Bible abroad. In order to do that, I consider further study as well.
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