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AIGS Forms (Jan, 15, 2024)
ID AIGS Date 2024-01-15 13:34:10
Title AIGS Forms (Jan, 15, 2024)
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Download the file, decompress and use it. 
AIGS Forms
January 15th, 2024

1. Admission Forms
   1) Admission for Application (for the higher program [only for AIGS enrolled students])
   2) AIGS_Application_Form (for New Comers)

2. Academic Affairs Forms
  1) Authorization for Verification Form 
  2 )CE Application Invoice
  3) Course Registration Audit Form
  4) Course Registration Form
  5) Course Withdrawal Form
  6) Discontinuation of Academic Degree
  7) Grade Adjudication  Form
  8) Intensive Registration form
  9) Leave of Absence Request Form
  10) PE Application Invoice
  11) Reason for Class Absence
  12) Semester Extension Request for Thesis
  13) Tutorial Application Form
  14) 전공변경(전과)신청서 (Pogram Change) [HWP file]
  15) Credit Recognition Form[HWP file]

3. Scholarship Forms
  1) 16 Hours Study and Work Scholarship form
  2) ACTS Great Commission Scholarship Application
  3) Registration Invoice
  4) Re-registration Invoice for Thesis

4. Financial Affairs (Tuition) Forms
  1) Promissory Note
  2) Registration Invoice
 3) Re-registration Invoice for Thesis

5. Student Affairs Forms
  1) AiGS Book Bank Borrow & Return form
  2) Confirmation of Advisor Form
  3) Notification of leaving Campus Form
  4) Petition form
  5) Request for leaving Korea for graduation student
  6) Request for leaving Korea
  7) Return Form

6. Thesis-Related Forms
   * All the thesis related forms
이전, 다음, 맨처음, 맨마지막
이전, 다음, 맨처음, 맨마지막
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