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Bible Exercise Questions
ID AIGS Date 2023-03-09 18:59:03
Title Bible Exercise Questions
Attachment 1-1 OT Genesis - 2Samuel.docx
Attachment 1-2 OT Kings - Psalm.docx
Attachment 1-3 Proverbs - Malachi.docx
Attachment 2-1 NT Matthew - John.docx
Attachment 2-2 NT Acts - Revelation.docx


Bible Examination (M.Div. only)

Bible exam is a partial requirement for the degree of Master of Divinity. All the M.Div. students must take the Bible exam in every semester. The Bible Exam portion will be notified in advance to the students for preparation. Every student must pass the exam to be eligible for the graduation. The minimum required marks for the graduation 360 out of 600.   In order to achieve minimum marks for the graduation, the student must earn minimum 60 and above marks in every semester.

There will be no re-exam for those who score less than minimum required in each semester. Thus, each exam is an important to accumulate maximum marks.

* Bible Exam Allotment for 2023-2025:
   - Spring-2023 : Genesis ~ 2 Samuel
   - Fall-2023 : Matthew ~ John
   - Spring-2024 : 1 King ~ Psalms
   - Fall-2024 : Acts ~ Philemon
   - Spring-2025 : Proverbs ~ Malachi
   - Fall-2025 : Hebrews ~ Revelation
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