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Who I am (Joy-Eun Sol)
ID 장은솔 Date 2017-07-29 12:17:36
Title Who I am (Joy-Eun Sol)
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1.What's your name?
-Eun Sol Jang(Joy)

2. What's your nationality?
-South Korea

3. What course are you studying in Acts?
-Master of Divinity degree program in English (2nd year student)

4. Why are you studying Theology?
-Even though I am weak, I am sure that I have been called by God. Also I love Him. Therefore I want to devote my life  to God who is worthy to be worshipped and glorified. I am eager to know God more and more to love Him and to serve Him sincerely as a disciple. That's the reason why I am studying Theology.    

5. Why are you studying Theology in English? (As Korean)
 -I feel like that God gave me some talents about English. My English is not good enough, but I am happy whenever I study it. Also it is not easy to live as a woman minister in Korea that does not give many good opportunities for the women. So I decided to study Theology in English to get more chances as a woman minister and to use my talent for God.  

6. Why did you choose this school("ACTS")? 
-To tell the truth, ACTS was not the first priority while I prepared for the seminary entrance exams. But when I visited ACTS to take the exam, I fell in love with it. All the people in ACTS are like my family, and it is very peaceful, comfortable, spiritual, and academic. There is no choice but to choose ACTS as my school to study Theology.   

7. How is your life in "ACTS"?
- Life in ACTS has been very exciting!! I have learned many things academically and spiritually through wonderful professors, which I can apply these teachings to my practical life.  Besides, I am able to build and enjoy great fellowship in Christ with friends who are from diverse countries, which is one of the most precious gift from God.    

8. How is your life in "ACTS" as a member of KESA(Korean English-speaking Students Association)?
-I am really happy to be one of a member of KESA. It is difficult for Korean students to study Theology in English. Sometimes I feel frustrated and sometimes I want to lay my study down. But KESA is great support to me. Many good seniors help and encourage me to keep studying. KESA has regural meetings, so we share our lives together through these meetings. ACTS Professors who were from KESA are also great examples for current KESA students.  

9. What's your plan after graduation?
-I am still praying. Please pray for me^^Thanks for reading!
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