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16-hours work guide for the Spring semester of 2024.
ID AIGS Date 2024-03-01 15:10:06
Title 16-hours work guide for the Spring semester of 2024.
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16-hours work guide for the Spring semester of 2024.
1. Title : 16-hours working
16-hours work application deadline : Mar. 4th ~ Jun. 21st, 2024
16-hours work confirmation deadline : Until June 21st
When a student finishes 16-hours working, please submit the confirmation.

2. Addition : Please keep your working hours.
The working time at the library cannot be changed. So please apply carefully.
A student must follow the directions of the department in which he/she works. The AIGS office does not have the right of the working.

If a student does not take supervisor's signature, it will be rejected. Therefore, a student must get a signature from the person in charge of where he/she works and submit it.
-> In case of worship team and student body, a student should take a signature of the president of the student body
Students who do not submit by June 21th will have their scholarships refunded.
Please check the attached file.
If you have any questions, please visit our office or send us an email.
5. Exclusion target : If the thesis writer resides outside, the 16-hour workday is exempted.
6. Attachments : 2024-1 Hours Study.pdf
② 16 Hours Study & Work Scholarship Form
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