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Foreigner registration card information for New students (2024-Spring)
ID AIGS Date 2024-02-27 13:19:48
Title Foreigner registration card information for New students (2024-Spring)
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Foreigner registration card information for New&Returning students (2024-Spring)

                                                                                Date : February 27, 2024

1. Target : Spring-2024 New students
2. Deadline for submitting documents : March 6th(Wed.), 2024 ~ March 13th(Wed.), 2024
(If you can't submit it within the deadline, you have to apply for a foreign
registration card yourself.)
3. Submission document: Please check the attached file in detail and submit the
- The process of issuing a foreign student registration card.-

1. A New Student Applying For Alien Registration Card :
1) Fingerprint date: Mar. 22nd.(Fri.) 8:30 (What to prepare : Bring your passport with you)
-We have a reservation with Suwon immigration at 10 o'clock, so We'll leave on time.
- Place : School bus stop (pond)

2) Date of issuance of alien registration card -
You can receive your alien registration card approximately one month after registering your fingerprint.
3) When to join health insurance
Upon completion of the alien registration process, you will receive a notice of enrollment in national health insurance. Please sign up according to the health insurance enrollment notice. (Health insurance for international students is compulsory) (T 1577-1000 or 033-811-2000&71)
* Please check the notice carefully before visiting the office.

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