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Campus Insurance Guide (Only ACTS Campus)
ID AIGS Date 2022-10-21 11:04:44
Title Campus Insurance Guide (Only ACTS Campus)
Attachment 보험금 청구서(아신대학교)(Insurance claim (ACTS University).docx
Attachment 개인정보수집활용동의서(Personal information collection and use agreement).pdf


The school has liability insurance in case students are injured by accidents or student activities while on olny campus.

If you are injured at school, please complete the following treatment and submit the documents to the office. The office will stamp your documents and hand them over to the Student Support Team, the insurance department.

It is the responsibility of the student if compensation is not received due to incomplete documents. 

A hospital expenses must also be borne by the student, and the amount will be credited to the student's personal account once the insurance company's compensation is established.
< Documents required for insurance claim >

1. Insurance claim form (sealed by school seal)_See attached + Personal information usage agreement_See attached
2. Certificate of Enrollment (Korean)
3. A copy of ID and passbook
4. Invoice for treatment expenses (Korean)
5. Medical certificate (attached only when treatment cost is over 100,000 won/Korean)
6. Attach a detailed statement for inpatient treatment (Korean)

Compensation for medical expenses paid after applying the National Medical Insurance.​

< 보험금 청구에 필요한 서류 >
1. 보험금 청구서(학교 인감 날인)_첨부 참조 + 개인정보 이용동의서_첨부 참조
2. 재학증명서(한국어)
3. 신분증과 통장 사본
4. 치료비 청구서(한국어)
5. 진단서 (치료비가 10만원 이상인 경우에만 첨부/한국어)
6. 입원치료 내역서 첨부(한국어)
*국가건강보험이 적용된후 지불한 의료비에 대한 보상입니다. 
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