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Dr. Hansung Kim's new book release
ID 김한성 Date 2017-09-08 23:10:26
Title Dr. Hansung Kim's new book release
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Hansung Kim. The Korean Church's Mission Work in Nepal. Yangpyung: ACTS Press, 2017.

This book explains, in the Korean language, how the Korean church faithfully followed God's footsteps into the Himalayas for last 35 years. Korean cross-cultural workers helped the peoples of Nepal with medicine, social work, education, church planting, theological education, short-term mission, business as mission, and Bible translation.  

"Through years of attentive listening and in-depth research, Dr. Kim unpacks the history, present situation, and possible future direction of one of God’s greatest works in a nation today—Nepal. This is missiology at its best."
Tom Steffen
Emeritus professor of intercultural Studies
CooK School of Intercultural Studies, Biola University
이전, 다음, 맨처음, 맨마지막
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