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What about ACTS / ACTS International Graduate School? (2017)
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Title What about ACTS / ACTS International Graduate School? (2017)


A Video Clip to introduce ACTS / ACTS International Graduate School.

ACTS has been established in Seoul, 1974 with a vision basically to train Asian Christian leaders in Korea/Asia for the evangelization of their countries and beyond. (ACTS has now Asians and Africans including Americans as well as Europeans) It stands for Asian Center for Theological Studies and mission and its official name now is Asia United Theological Unviersity (아세아연합신학대학교). But we still love to call our school as "ACTS" which better represents the founding vision of our school - "mission" deeply rooted in the sound evangelical theology.

ACTS has both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. As for undergraduate education, we have 5 Departments with about 700 fulltime students: Department of (1) Theology (2) Intercultural Studies & Social Welfare (3) Christian Education & Counseling (4) English & Global Studies (5) Christian Chinese Studies. As for postgraduate education, we have 6 graduate schools with about 650 fulltime students: (1) Graduate School (2) Graduate School of Theology (3) Graduate School of Intercultural Studies (4) Graduate School of Education (5) Graduate School of Counseling (6) Graduate School of Social Welfare. 

AiGS - ACTS International Graduate School belongs to two graduate schools of ACTS which are 'Graduate School' (for ThM & PhD programs) and 'Graduate School of Theology' (for MDiv program). However, AiGS as part of ACTS has independently run its program in English. In March, 2018, 72 students from 20 different countries are currently registered as fulltime at AiGS program with diverse range of scholarship provided. 

For the past 43 years, AiGS has been so proud of our 548 international alumni who have actively engaged with their missional and academic ministry in their own places worldwide.
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