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Theo-Drama - "Imago" (2014)
ID AiGS Date 2017-06-17 14:23:49
Title Theo-Drama - "Imago" (2014)



"Imago" is a Latin term which means “image.” The theme of the Theo-Drama IMAGO is that only in Christ can all humanity and diverse social realms be united and transformed into the image of the Body of Christ.

IMAGO essentially highlights the biblical-theological concepts from Genesis to Revelation (creation, fall, salvation, reconciliation, union) and expresses them through various artistic means (music, dance, mime, acting, design, media). Through this performance, you as the audience can experience the Word of God coming alive in a dynamic way on stage.

IMAGO production is a joint project of the ACTS Community and Imago Christi Studio. It is a multi-arts production participated by both the Korean undergraduate students and the international graduate students of ACTS. These students are amateurs, not professionals, but they have discovered their potentials in their particular artistic areas and have passionately and prayerfully prepared for this performance.

May this performance video of IMAGO be a special hour of grace to you!

Daniel J. Kim / Professor of Theology of Spirituality at ACTS/AiGS
Artistic Director, Choreographer IMAGO PRODUCTION 
이전, 다음, 맨처음, 맨마지막
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