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Medical Health Insurance

  • School Regulations
ACTS/AIGS requires all international students to have health insurance from the time of their admission until graduation. International students are to submit a copy of their health insurance membership to AIGS Registrar’s office by the 5th week of their first semester.
  • National Health Insurance Corporation
International students can apply for health insurance through the National Health Insurance Corporation ( http://www.nhic.or.kr/portal/site/eng) or students can visit a regional NHI office.
Application Eligibility
  • Internationals registered as a resident foreigner can apply with the Korean National Health Insurance 90 days after their arrival.
  • However, those who have a student visa (D-2) are eligible to apply to the NHI immediately after their arrival in Korea.
  • Once a foreign resident has National Health Insurance, the resident’s spouse and children (under 20 years) can receive the same benefits from the NHI.
Required Documents
  • Passport
  • Foreign Registration Card (Alien Registration Card)
Other Important Information
  • Foreigners forfeit their health insurance if they travel outside Korea and fail to pay the monthly fee.
  • Student (D-2) Visa holder’s insurance is half the cost of the Korean regional membership holders.
  • Every hospital in Korea accommodates people registered with the NHI or with a private Korean health insurance company.