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[URGENT!!] Typhoon Hinnamno is coming!!
ID AIGS Date 2022-09-05 10:52:22
Title [URGENT!!] Typhoon Hinnamno is coming!!


Today and tomorrow (September 3rd ~ 4th, 2022), Korea will enter the territorial zone of Typhoon Hinnamno. Therefore, for the safety of AIGS students, we will inform you as follows, so please be careful.

1.  The school strongly recommend that all dormitory students should NOT leave the campus for today and tomorrow. 

2.  For residents outside the school, the school will broadcast the Theological Forum on AIGS YouTube on time (September 6th, 2022, Tuesday at 2:00 p.m.)
       ① link  https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=aigs+acts
       ② www.acts.ac.kr/aigs  → AIGS Youtube
       ③ YouTube 'AIGS ACTS'
*But, all the classes will be opened as normally.  If there are any changes, we will let you know immediately!!. 

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