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Acting President's Message About the Current Situation
ID AIGS Date 2021-02-23 16:07:36
Title Acting President's Message About the Current Situation


To All Beloved Members of ACTS Family
Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and King!
May the grace of our Lord be with us all, as we continue to endure the Covid-19 pandemic crisis.
May this suffering not only end soon, but also usher us into a greater progress for the kingdom of God.
Likewise, may the heart-aching current situation of our school not only end soon, but also help enhance the renewal and reforming process of our school.
On February 9, 2021, the Board of Directors decided to take a disciplinary action against the president, Chung Heung Ho, due to his IESUS and ACTS in USA related violations. In the process, the president was suspended of his duty, and the Board appointed an interim president. 
As a result, I was assigned to do the work of the “acting president” of ACTS, while continuing to serve as the director of the Graduate School. I want you to know, that I will attempt to do my very best to help stabilize the school during this transient period. I will be taking care of all academic and student affairs, as well as preparing for the recruitment of students for the next academic year. All professors in their consigned positions have expressed their commitment to serve the school with selfless and sacrificial heart. I trust that the professors would continue to teach with competence and lovingly take care of our students, and the staff would faithfully and diligently engage in their works. With the beginning of a new semester, may our Lord’s grace and provision sustain us to be truly successful before his sight.
Dearly beloved students! I exhort you to take pride in our school, ACTS, as you continue to uphold the God-given honor and esteem regarding our school. Please do not waver due to any false rumors or wrongly addressed propagandas. Please continue to trust your professors and the school administrators. May you continue to focus on your present study and prayer. With peace of mind and discerning heart, may you seek and understand God’s plan for your future. After all, we are God’s servants devoted to God’s kingdom purposes, not our own. May our loving Father in heaven bless you and your future ministry most abundantly!
To all alumni, parents, and benefactors, I request your earnest prayers and loving support for ACTS. Please continue to show your care through various contributions. Above all, my prayer is that your heart may be one with us, as we attempt to rebuild our community according to God’s good pleasure and will.
ACTS is a specially loved institution, an apple of God’s eyes. With her establishment in 1974, God gave us the task of evangelizing Asia and Africa and the whole world with the precious gospel of Jesus Christ. Now is the opportune time for us to be renewed and reformed so that we may carry out God’s original commission for our school in a more fitting way for the new era. May we all attempt to become even more God-centered and Gospel-oriented people. May the Lord bless ACTS with the refreshing of vision for the next generation and the coming future!
February 22, 2021
Professor Sang Hwa Han,
Director of the Graduate School,
Acting President of ACTS
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