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Our School's Policy of the Overseas Travel for the Summer Vacation
ID AIGS Date 2020-06-11 11:15:49
Title Our School's Policy of the Overseas Travel for the Summer Vacation


Our School's Policy of Overseas Travel for the Summer Vacation

1. Refrain leaving Korea as much as possible.
2. In case of unavoidable departure, according to the policy of the Korean immigration office as below. 

1) Apply for the re-entry to Korea at the airport before the departure. Failing to apply the re-entry application will cancel your visa/alien card registration’s validity.

2) Those who got approval for re-entry to Korea can come back to Korea. However, an approved traveler must obtain and submit a COVID19 medical certificate issued in his/her country within two days before arrives in Korea.

3) Upon your arrival in Korea, you will be quarantined for 14 days at the designated places by the Korean government.  The students are sole responsible for the cost incurred during the quarantine period. 

If not,
According to Article 49 and 79 of the Act on the Prevention of Infectious Diseases & Article 16 of the Quarantine Act, etc.
- A fine of not more than 10 million won, or
- Imprisonment of not more than one year 
According to Articles 11 & 46 of the Immigration Act
- Deportation, or
- You can be the candidate who will be banned re-entry.

Apply the form of 'Request for Leaving Korea' to AIGS Office until 19th June if you want to go to his/her country this summer vacation.

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