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4. Update of the Changed Schedule
ID AIGS Date 2020-04-22 16:32:54
Title 4. Update of the Changed Schedule


This is to update you of the changed schedule (IV) for Spring 2020 as below.

(The opening day of the face-to-face class is changed only.)

Opening Class:                                                              23rd March 2020

Face-to-face class:                                                         11th May 2020

Bible Exam for M.Div.:                                                22nd May 2020

Midterm Exam:                                                            Undetermined (at the discretion of the professor)

Final Exam:                                                                   22nd~26th June 2020

Closing Class:                                                                26th June 2020

Oral Defense:                                                                30th June 2020

Comprehensive Exam for Ph.D.:                                8th ~ 10th July 2020

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