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The Notice of the Changed Schedule Regarding Postpone of Opening the Spring semester 2020
ID AIGS Date 2020-02-11 14:04:49
Title The Notice of the Changed Schedule Regarding Postpone of Opening the Spring semester 2020


This is to inform you of the changed schedule for Spring 2020 as below.

Opening Class:                                     16th March 2020

Course Online Change/Drop Period: 16th~20th March 2020
Spiritual Retreat:                                 Indefinite Postponement

Opening Service:                                  17th March 2020

Bible Exam for M.Div.:                       3rd April 2020

Midterm Exam:                                   27th April ~ 1st May 2020

Final Exam:                                         15th ~19th June 2020

Substitution week of the Report:       22nd ~ 26th June 2020

Oral Defense:                                       30th June 2020

Comprehensive Exam for Ph.D.:       8th ~ 10th July 2020

The beginning of the Spring semester 2020 is postponed to two weeks due to Novel Coronavirus. Considering the public interest and general welfare of the society, the School has decided to begin the Spring semester from 16 March 2020 instead of 2 March 2020.  However, we expect all the students to arrive on campus on/before 26 February 2020 and Each student is advised to take general precaution for 14 days to prevent any kind of infection. In this regard, the students MUST take note of the following steps:

1. New students who DON’T transit through Chinese airports MUST enter the dormitory between 24 to 26 February 2020. Students are strictly recommended to enter before 26 February 2020. Hence, arrange your flight itinerary accordingly. If anyone already booked, we recommend rescheduling flight accordingly.    

2. Students who stayed, visited or transited in Chinese regions, including Hubei provision are restricted to enter the dormitory or classrooms upon their arrival. However, they may enter dormitory after 14 days from the day of their arrival to Korea. In this case, those students are liable to arrange their stay outside the campus by themselves. Those students are recommended to Korea by 28 February and stay off-campus for two weeks and then they may enter the dormitory.  To avoid such complexity, we recommend you NOT to transit airports in China.
3. All the students must submit “the copy of entry confirmation” issued by the Korea Immigration Service at the Airport and "boarding pass" at Dormitory Office. (A slip will be issued to all passengers who entry Korea at International airports and seaports). Students are not allowed to enter without the chaplain’s approval and MUST report the arrival to AIGS Office as soon as you arrive. (Office Working Time: 9am ~ 5pm, If you arrive at night time, you MUST report it next morning to AIGS Office.)
4. All students must have a general medical test (Hepatitis B and Tuberculosis) at the local public health center within the first week of their stay in the dormitory.   
If anyone who arrives or right after their arrival, found with any respiration symptoms, must wear a mask, and immediately consult the local public health center for further medical examination.    
6. Students are strictly advised to use masks for 14 days at all times in public places from the day of their arrival. We advise you bring a couple of masks from your country. You may not get chance to purchase at the arrival gate or airports.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused to you due to this unavoidable situation. We are striving to incorporate policies and regulations recommended by Korea immigration and Ministry of Education for the welfare of the public. We hope that you will understand the current situation and prepare accordingly. We pray for you and hope to see you soon in the Spring semester. 

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