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Prof. Jonathan Jong-Chun Won's New Book (2017)
ID AiGS Date 2017-09-01 21:49:58
Title Prof. Jonathan Jong-Chun Won's New Book (2017)


Prof. Jonathan Jong-Chun Won (Historical Theology) has recently published his book in Korean as follows: 

Title: Lack of Sanctification and Agony of Justification: Historial Theological Study on the Relationship between Justification and Sanctification 

Press: The Kingdom Books, 2017

Table of Contents




1. Ancient Church

    Apologetical Context

    Recognition of Gospel


2. Augustine

    Grace of God

    Justified by Faith

3. Medieval Church

    Thomas Aquinas


4. Martin Luther

    Imputed Righteousness

    Inherent Righteousness

    Aftermath and Response

5. John Calvin

    Harmony between Law and Gospel

    Union with Christ


6. Response to Antinomianism

    Arminianism and Antinomianism

    Double Justification

    Partial Imputation

    Covenant and Union with Christ 

7. John Wesley

    Rejection of Imputation

    Acceptance of Imputation

    Partial Acceptance of Imputation

    Double Justification

8. New Perspectives on Paul

    E.P. Sanders

    James Dunn

    N.T. Wright

    Seyoon Kim



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