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Saleem Yunas (PhD) from Pakistan
ID AiGS Date 2017-06-13 16:42:17
Title Saleem Yunas (PhD) from Pakistan
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 My Study and Story at AIGS/ACTS
Rev. & Dr. Saleem Yunas (Ph.D. / ACTS 2017)
Professor of Old Testament at Gujranwala Theological Seminary, Pakistan
I thank God for the honor and privilege to study at ACTS-Asia United Theological University which is widely recognized because of its heart for mission and academic excellence. ACTS began to play an important role in my academic career since August 1999 when the Lord provided me a wonderful chance for ThM in Old Testament. In fact, ACTS is an ideal place for theological studies for its academic and spiritual atmosphere.

ACTS is widely known because of its excellent academic and spiritual environment. When I was praying for my ThM study, someone strongly recommended me to study at ACTS in 1999. That is how I came to know about ACTS as a theological institution 17 years ago. By the grace of God, I got a wonderful chance to study at ACTS in August 1999.  After the completion of my ThM in Feb. 2002, I returned to my homeland Pakistan to serve the Lord. I thank God for providing me wonderful opportunities for teaching and preaching in the following ten years.

The Lord opened the doors for the teaching and preaching ministries in the following ten years. The beautiful, attractive, healthy, and academic environment of ACTS campus always tempted me to visit it again, but unfortunately, I never got any change to visit Korea in ten years. Furthermore, the love and compassion of the ACTS faculty for the international students make ACTS an ideal place for theological studies.  I really thank God for all the faculty members for their sincere love, kindness, and guidance that I personally experienced during my ThM studies. 

Right after ten years, when the Lord provided me second chance to study at ACTS for my PhD, ACTS’ beautiful and healthy environment for study was a big attraction for me. Above all, I knew that ACTS is a wonderful place to study theology because of its passion for evangelical scholarship and mission.  It’s a place where the Lord is preparing hundreds of Asian scholars and pastors for the evangelization of Asia.  

While I was seeking God’s guidance for my further studies, I am thankful to Dr. Lee Han Young for encouraging me to apply for PhD. I am also thankful to ACTS admission committee for granting me scholarship for my higher studies. During my PhD studies at ACTS, once again I enjoyed a loving fellowship of AIGS and special love and kindness of my dear Professors. I thank God for the existence of ACTS because it is playing an important role in academic and spiritual life of the Asian theological institutions and Churches.

As I mentioned above, ACTS has been playing a major role in my academic and spiritual life since September 1999. I consider myself lucky to study at ACTS for my ThM and PhD studies. I humbly acknowledge a significance contribution of ACTS to my academic career.  By training me, ACTS has also made a tremendous contribution to Gujranwala Theological Seminary (est. 1877), where I am teaching, and to the Pakistani churches where I go for preaching and seminar activities most frequently. 

I am proud of ACTS for its passion for developing Asian scholarship and heart for the evangelization of Asia. I feel blessed and honored to pursue my doctoral studies at such a prestigious theological university. Hopefully, the invaluable academic contribution of ACTS to my life will enable me to serve the Lord more effectively in Pakistan.
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