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Forms and Documents for Application

Internet Application

※ Fee for the internet agent is not the same as application fee, and must be paid by the applicant. ※ When ACTS officially acknowledge poor connection to the internet agent in the last day of application, the deadline may be extended or other way of application may be provided.

Internet Application and Documents

  1. Visit www.uwayapply.com or Graduate School Admission page under ACTS website.
  2. Select “ACTS Graduate School” (inquiry at 1588-8988)
  3. Pay careful attention to general outline of admission and the online forms for printing.
  4. Fill up application form and upload photo (3x4cm; jpg, gif file only)
  5. Pay application fee using credit/check card or on-line payment (Note: no change or cancelation after payment is made with complete application)
  6. Print out: completed application form (check photo); exam tag (for exam date); and attached documents ※ Internet Agent will stop connection at deadline date and time. Internet application and payment must be done before deadline at applicant’s disposition.

Submission of internet application and documents

  • - Printouts of completed application form and documents can be sent through mail or submitted in person by deadline.
  • Attention to be paid on Internet Application

    1. Care must be taken: after payment, no change or cancelation of application is possible.
    2. After payment, exam number is given and application is completed.
    3. It is applicant’s responsibility for erroneous application due to intentional or negligent mistake.
    4. Name, and Resident Registration Number must be the as the one in Resident Registration Card. Name of Graduate School and major must be legible.
    5. Address and all phone numbers including home and cell phone must be entered for direct contact during exam period. So changes must be reported immediately to Graduate School Academic Affairs Office 031-770-7794~6, 7730(night).
    6. Wrong entry in application including phone numbers may cause serious problem against applicant’s interest.
    7. You must bring your exam tag which must show photo at the exam date. If lost, please log in again and print out the exam tag.
    8. Your application mail not received by deadline may cause failure during document screening stage.

Submission in Person

Admission Office ACTS Graduate School Academic Affairs Office 1276, Gyeonggang-ro, Okcheon-myeon, Yangpyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do, KOREA (476-751) (+8231) 770-7794~6 Admission Office may be changed in campus
※ Application Fees: Ph.D. 90,000 won, Integrated ThM/PhD 80,000 won, Master 70,000 won