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Graduate School of Welfare

Admission Outline for Graduate School of Welfare

ACTS Graduate School of Welfare
  • Helps embody the Christian spirit of love and service, with basic and practical skills in improving welfare.
  • Helps carry out welfare mission, suitable to environment and target in an organized manner.
  • Helps seek creativity of problem-solving, in accordance with variety of welfare needs.

1. Major and Residential Years

Degree Major Number of Admission Residential Years Class Schedule
Master of Social Welfare (M.S.W.) Social Welfare 17 5 semesters nighttime class (Mon)

2. Qualification

  1. Recommended by session moderator or supervising pastor
  2. BA/BS (or expectant); or equivalent

3. Admission Selection Process and Point Distribution

Degree Program Major Selection Process and Point
document screen ※ oral interview total
Master of Social Welfare (M.S.W.) Social Welfare screening 100pts 100pts
※ At this stage, it is possible to fail in admission.

4. Required Degree Credits and Residential Period

Degree Program Major Required Credits Residential Period
Master of Social Welfare (M.S.W.) Social Welfare 30 credits 5 semesters
※ Graduates can get various certificates issued by Professional Counseling Institutes or Counseling Societies, Therapeutic Institutes, and Christian Ministries to work as professional counselor.

5. Certificates and Benefits

  1. Gets the 2nd class Social Worker from Korean Government.
  2. Can apply for National Examination for the 1st class Social Worker.
  3. Gets Master Degree, authorized by Korean Ministry of Education.
  4. Gets Certificate of Healthy Family, working at Center for Healthy Family Support.

6. Jobs after Graduation

  1. Works at or opens Social Welfare Organization.
  2. As a government employee or as a member of Children Welfare Council.
  3. Gets Certificate of Healthy Family, working at Center for Healthy Family Support.
  4. Works as a counselor at hospital social welfare office.
  5. Works as a church employee to meet the demand of social welfare in the church.
  6. Joins nongovernment organization to fulfill world mission vision.
  7. Can advance to Ph.D. program after graduation