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Graduate School of Education

Admission Outline for Graduate School of Education

ACTS Graduate School of Education is established to contribute the changes in education with Christian spirit. Academic training for school teachers in curriculum, counseling, multi-cultural education is designed to improve their leadership and influence.

1. Major and Residential Years

Degree Major Number of Admission Residential Years Class Schedule
Master of Education (M.Ed.) Curriculum, Counseling, Multi-Cultural Education 35 5 semesters Curriculum, Counseling Intensive class in the summer and winter
Multi-cultural Education nighttime class (Mon)

2. Qualification

  1. Recommended by session moderator or supervising pastor
  2. BA/BS (or expectant); or equivalent
  3. School teacher (public and alternative schools) or employee of education institute; or those who are interested in christian curriculum, counseling, or Multi-cultural education

3. Special Advantage

If admitted with teaching experience of three or more years, the 1st class Counselor certificate can be obtained from your School District, issued by Ministry of Education, after graduation with Counseling degree.

4. Admission Selection Process and Point Distribution

Degree Program Major Selection Process and Point
document screen ※ oral interview total
Master of Education (M.Ed.) Curriculum, Counseling, Multi-cultural Education screening 100pts 100pts
※ At this stage, it is possible to fail in admission.
※ Phone or field interview.

5. Required Degree Credits and Residential Period

Degree Program Major Required Credits Residential Period
Master of Education(M.Ed.) Curriculum, Counseling, Multi-cultural Education 30 credits(thesis option) 5 semesters

6. Certificates and Benefits

  1. Gets the 1st class Counselor issued by Korea Minister of Education.
  2. Can apply for an examination for the 2nd class Christian(Pastoral) Counselor issued by Korea Evangelical Society of Counseling.
  3. Can apply for an examination for the 2nd class Youth Counselor issued by Korean Government.