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Undergraduate School


Phone: 82-31-770-7701~2 e-mail: jieun@acts.ac.kr
fax: 82-31-772-5479 webpage: http://english.acts.ac.kr/

Qualification for Application

○ The applicant for the Department of Theology must be a baptized Christian.
○ The applicant for the other Department should be both a Christian attending church and graduate the whole education programs in Korea(12 years course including elementary, middle and high school).

Required Documents

Forms / Applicant Groups Naturalized Foreign Citizen (Applicant Only) High School Diploma Equivalent Pure Foreigner
Application (designated form)
Pastor’s Recommendation (designated form)
Academic Inquiry Reference (designated form)
Statement of purpose
High School (Expectant) Diploma
Transcript of all grade schools (including foreign education)
Family or Resident Registration (current or erased) - -
Entry/Departure Records (1 smaple for each family member)
(Student only)
Passport or Copy of Citizenship
Alien Registration (student and parents)
Whole Family Register (certificate issued by government agency) -
Certificate of Test of Proficiency in Korean(TOPIK) / level 2 or above - - -
Affidavit of Support -

Selection Process

Evaluation of Application Materials + Interview = 100%

Application Period & Semester Registration

Application Period: July, September, December
Semester Registration: March

Confirmation of Foreign School Certificates

You must submit a confirmation of foreign school certificates by obtaining an apostille from the pertinent government agency. If it is not possible to obtain an apostille, then you must obtain the signature of the Korean Consulate General in the pertinent country. (visit www.0404.go.kr)

Korean Language Competency Test (TOPIK)

You must acquire at least 4th class level or above before graduation.
Notice : If you apply with TOPIK level 2, you must take Korean course of 300 hours or more.


Further questions regarding admission may be addressed to the Office of Admission. Call 82-31-770-7701~2.

E-mail : Undergraduate School : jieun@acts.ac.kr
Graduate School : actsgrad@acts.ac.kr

Tel : Undergraduate School : (+82)31-770-7701~2
Graduate School : (+82)31-770-7793~6

Fax : Undergraduate School : (+82)31-772-5479
Graduate School : (+82)31-770-7774


1276, Gyeonggang-ro, Okcheon-myeon, Yangpyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do, KOREA (1258)